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Graduation Requirements

What requirements does my student need to meet to earn a Dayspring High School Diploma?
GPA 1.5 or higher Minimum Credits 28 Community Service Hours PA State Requirements: 4 credits in English/Literature and History, 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Science, and 1 PE credit during grades 9-12. DCA also requires 4 credits in Bible.
What requirements does my student need to meet to earn a Dayspring Honors High School Diploma?
GPA 3.75 or higher Minimum Credits 31 Minimum Honors/AP Courses 8 Community Service Hours PA State Requirements apply. Required in grades 10-11: minimum of 2 credits in each of Honors/AP English, Science, and History Required in grade 12: minimum of 2 Honors/AP courses DCA also requires 4 credits in Bible.
How is a student's GPA calculated?
All courses are used to determine a student’s grade point average (GPA) with few exceptions, including pass/fail courses and some independent studies. AP/Honors courses will be weighted in the following manner: A=5.0, B=4.0, C=3.0, D=2.0. The Class of 2021 was the first class to graduate under the weighted 4.0 GPA, which now gives students who take Honors/AP courses the ability to earn a GPA higher than 4.0; thus, the minimum GPA for an Honors High School diploma increased from 3.50 to 3.75.
What requirements do students in Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC) and Thaddeus Stevens Early Enrollment Program (TSEE) need to meet?
Grade 12 students must fulfill Dayspring Bible and Senior Thesis requirements, as well as meeting LCCTC or TSEE requirements. The students will receive 5.0 credits after the successful completion of requirements in addition to the Dayspring required credits. Note: Generally, grade 11 students considered under special needs policy may attend the LCCTC Half-Day Program. The students receive 3 credits for a half-day program after the successful completion of LCCTC requirements.
Are all courses at Dayspring offered every year?
Not all courses are offered every year. Please check with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for course availability.

Courses Offered At Dayspring

Dayspring Christian Academy’s course offerings represent the rich and elevated curriculum commensurate with a Principle Approach® education. Dayspring Christian Academy is committed to continue to excel still more in every arena of our school. Our desire is to prepare our students to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ who are equipped to lead in their area of calling.

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Request a Dayspring Transcript

At Dayspring Christian Academy, we strive to serve our students well, long after graduation. Use our online form to request a transcript from Dayspring Christian Academy.

How to Request a Dayspring Transcript

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College Financial Aid Resources

Financial Planning Resources:

A complete guide to scholarships, grants, FAFSA, student loans, and more – check it out now!

General financial planning advice from College Board can be found here.


Sonya Mann-McFarlane, Higher Education Access Partner
PHEAA – PA School Services
t: 717-514-6043  e:

Upcoming College Financial Aid Events

Financial Aid Planning Seminar 

Join our PHEAA rep for a virtual financial aid seminar on 9/16. Look for more information and a link to the seminar in an upcoming Beacon under the Guidance Section.

Personalized FAFSA Sessions

Our PHEAA rep will be holding individual “FAFSA Friday” sessions in October.  More information coming soon in the Beacon!

Check Out Our Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Opportunities!

Two of the terrific high school options offered here at Dayspring Christian Academy are the opportunity to earn college credit by taking by taking an AP® (Advanced Placement) exam and/or by taking a dual credit course and registering for college credit. Many of our students have been able to take their credits with them as freshmen! Because not all colleges accept AP and/or Cairn University credits, it is crucial that your student checks with the college(s) of choice regarding specific courses and programs of interest.

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